We invite you to work out and learn how your body works with our well-trained medical providers

Our medical team knows the importance of having adequate muscular strength and is excited to work out with you in our brand new teaching gym facility.  

Having adequate muscle, strength, and good form and movement is essential in supporting more than just the health of our muscles, bones, and joints as we age.  Numerous systemic effects that support overall health include:

  • Increased mitochondrial density in both muscle as well as in the brain. This means your muscle and brain cells (neurons) have the ability to utilize energy more effectively to improve both physical and mental performance.

  • Improved cardiovascular health. Weight training improves multiple risk factors and reduces all cause mortality (improves life expectancy) by reducing blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and improving insulin sensitivity.

  • Relief from Chronic Pain. By addressing imbalances in form and correcting areas of weakness, weight training appropriately under medical guidance reduces chronic pain and helps our patients get off their long-term, possibly harmful pain medications.

  • Reduced cancer risk.

Our teaching gym is private and small, perfect for those who have wanted to start weight training but have been intimidated to learn in larger gym settings