Dr. Nini Callan, ND

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Whether you have a previous diagnosis or a recent constellation of symptoms, have an established healthcare team or are flying solo in search of help, Dr. Callan is ready to partner with you in pursuit of health and healing. Dr. Callan practices personalized, evidence-informed, integrative medicine—always with an eye towards empowering and equipping her patients. In working with Dr. Callan, you can expect interactions marked by professionalism, compassionate listening, a patient interest in your story, personalized health education, and a collaborative mindset that places your well-being front and center.  She uses western herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, supplements, fitness, lifestyle adjustments, pharmaceuticals (when called for), and collaborative referrals in her treatment plans.

Dr. Callan is open to discussing any health concern, and excels in addressing:

·      Hormone imbalances

·      Thyroid issues

·      Weight issues

·      Fertility

·      Type II Diabetes & pre-diabetes

·      Fatigue

·      Chronic complex disorders

·      Nutrition

·      Fitness

·      Digestive disorders

·      Musculoskeletal conditions

Your doctor should be your collaborator, your supporter, your resource, and a champion for your health – Dr. Callan would love to be all of those for you as you partner with her on your journey to health and healing. You can learn more about Dr. Callan here.

Dr. Callan is currently accepting new patients.