Kia Satterfield, LMT & Structural Integration

I have had an intuitive interest in healing and body work since I was a child growing up in Eugene OR. My skilled understanding of the human body’s innate adaptability and healing capacity influence all my sessions.

My understanding of anatomy and the interrelationships of the body are at the heart of my work. I have a sensitive, intuitive, listening touch. I incorporate movement and guided spatial awareness  into all my sessions.

My own journey with Rolfing SI has led me to be freed completely from chronic lower back pain caused by postural and gait misalignments. Leaving my with sense of really feeling at home in my body for the first time.

At Reconstructed wellness I’ll be working closely with the other practitioners for optimum patient care. I offer the classic Rolfing Structural Integration 10 series as well as tailored sessions for your individual needs that can you help recover from ailments and dis-ease ranging from:

Motor vehicle and bike  accidents , repetitive motion, chronic pain, sports injuries, headaches, Carpal tunnel syndrome, surgical recovery,TMJ, Sciatica, plantar fasciitis, ergonomic and structural misalignments.

Besides guiding  people away from Dis-ease in there bodies, I also enjoy travel, music, dancing, plants, animals, meditation, yoga, cooking, oddities, science and philosophy. You may see biking around Portland rain or shine!