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We are thrilled that 7 of our health care providers were voted as top in their field for 2019 (as voted by their colleagues throughout the Portland metro area). Congratulations!

  • Dr. Jason Wells, ND, LAc

  • Dr. Laurie Menk Otto, ND, MPH

  • Dr. Reba Akin, ND

  • Dr. Kellie Raydon, ND, LAc

  • Dr. Carrie Staller, DC

  • Talula Kana, LMT

  • Stephanie Swanson, LAc


Our team is currently accepting new patients. If you’d like to set up an appointment with one of our providers or for one or our services, please click the button below or call our office at 503.232.3215.

Why reconstructed wellness?

The term 'RECONSTRUCTED' refers to a few of our clinic's goals:

  • Reconstructing your health. Taking a deep-dive examination of our patient's health. When we listen longer and more attentively, we can help our patients discover and then break down the old habits and environmental influences that has been contributing to a less-than-optimal health condition. We then provide practical treatment guidelines to rebuild good health and support longevity.

  • Reconstructing the health care model. We are committed to optimizing efficiency in the health care model by providing more services to our staff and physicians, so that they can focus less on business, and more on your health. By offering more thorough care and innovative services, we aim not only aim to treat disease, but also to prevent future health issues and offer you lasting health.