Review: Muscle Mass and Longevity

A recent review in Annals of Medicine reminds us of how muscle mass benefits everyone, and why everyone should care about their strength and lean body mass. 

Some of the highlights of the review:

  • Breast cancer outcomes - women with more muscle had a 60% better chance of survival

  • Alzheimer’s - patients with more muscle had less severe forms of dementia

  • Hospital stays - patients with more muscle mass spent less time in the ICU and had better chance of survival

  • Chronic Lung Disease (COPD) - patients with more muscle had better outcomes and fewer complications of the disease

How Reconstructed Wellness wants to help you build your strength

Teaching gym:

Our passion in supporting our patient through a healthy aging process is one of the reasons we devoted a large space in our clinic to a teaching gym. We want you to feel comfortable learning how to use your body in a private environment. 

Comprehensive programs:

Muscle strength and lean body mass involve more than weight lifting alone. Healthy muscle mass requires balanced hormones and a nervous system that activates your muscles appropriately. Our team of experts assesses your health holistically to improve all imbalances that inhibit you from achieving your goals. 

Monitoring your progress:

We have several diagnostic tools available to monitor your progress.  Grip strength, in particular, is a useful vital sign to measure progress as you implement our programs.  

Grip strength is not just a marker of how strong your hands are; this measurement reflects how well your brain and nerves can activate the chain of muscles from your back to your shoulder to your elbow to your hand. Given the involvement of the nervous system in these finding, its no surprise that having low grip strength is associated with poor cognition and dementia. 

Our team notices an array of health improvements as you become stronger. We look forward to helping you.

Jason Wells