Why we turned one of our treatment rooms into a teaching gym

Our muscles are involved in much more than just moving our bodies place to place and performing physical tasks. They make up a complex system that affects our hormonal health, our immune system, and our overall health and longevity. 

A few of the numerous health benefits of having lean body mass include:

Reduced pain, improved bone and muscle strength.  Weak muscles put an extra burden on joints which contribute to chronic pain. Our philosophy is to help you target your weak areas to reduce chronic pain, while making you stronger.  

Optimal blood sugar metabolism. Strength and lean body mass helps improve our cells response to insulin and thus helps stabilize blood sugar. This creates for more stable energy levels, less fatigue, fewer ‘hangry’ feelings, and improved daily productivity.

Reduced inflammation. Contraction of muscles causes the release of hundreds of small molecules, called myokines. Of their many functions, myokines have an effect of balancing inflammation and reducing autoimmune activity. 

Optimized hormones. Resistance training supports testosterone and growth hormone production in patients of all ages. Supporting insulin sensitivity and key hormone metabolizing enzymes help our female patients have better estrogen metabolism and support reproductive health. 

Longevity. Sarcopenia and osteoporosis refer to the loss of lean body mass and bone mass that can occur with aging.  These changes start as early as our 30s and are often the direct result of inadequate strength training.

Strength training has been shown to prevent and reverse these changes; and adequate muscle mass and strength is directly correlated with better aging, improved markers of heart disease, and overall better survival in many chronic diseases. 


Patients new to strength training, who may be intimidated to learn in a larger gym environment. 

Patients who feel weak, have chronic pain, or another health condition that need a private place to build strength and learn good form. 

Patients who are already strong, but want advice on new protocols and techniques for optimal performance in the gym. 

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Jason Wells