Medical Grade Light Therapy at Reconstructed Wellness

The body has countless light-sensitive reactions. 

The most commonly known light-sensitive reaction is the body’s ability to produce Vitamin D with exposure to  ultraviolet light from the sun. 

Many other light-sensitive reactions in the body influence how your body is able to heal from illness and injury.  Red and near-infrared light, in particular, have abundant research confirming their healing properties. 

How Light Therapy Works

  • ATP production (the body’s primary fuel source) and cellular metabolism is enhanced, as light wavelengths ‘dislodge’ molecules that inhibit energy production

  • With more ATP production, cells and tissues have more resource to repair themselves and speed-up sluggish biochemical processes

Light Therapy at Reconstructed Wellness

Our whole-body light therapy room at Reconstructed Wellness immerses our patients in red and near-infrared light, stimulating cellular metabolism from head to toe. Some of the benefits of this increased energy production include:

  • Reduced inflammation and joint pain

  • Muscle recovery

  • Fat loss

  • Skin Health

  • Hormone health (improves thyroid and testosterone levels, in particular)

  • Healing from traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Inflammation, Joint Pain and Muscle Recovery:

Red and NIR light enhances energy production as well as blood circulation in musculature. 

Joint pain: Multiple studies show light therapy can treat the root cause of arthritis and joint pain by stimulating regeneration of connective tissue. Light therapy also reduces pain directly and helps patients regain mobility. 

Muscle health and athletic performance: Research shows reduction in muscle fatigue, improved capacity to heal from injuries, and up to 50% improvement in strength with light therapy. 

Brain Health

Near-infrared wavelengths penetrate the skull, stimulate increased blood flow, and growth of new nerve cells and synapses for nerves to communicate. 

A study on patients with brain injury reported that a series of light therapy sessions improved sleep quality, improved ability to perform tasks, and improved mood after just a few sessions. 

Men’s Health

Red and NIR light stimulates men to have elevations in total testosterone up to 210-360 ng/dL within 2 weeks of using the therapy. Additionally, they experienced heightened sexual desire and improved fertility markers.

Thyroid Health

Patients with hypothyroidism (due to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) experienced improvement in thyroid hormone levels, reduced need for thyroid medication, reduction in autoimmune antibodies after undergoing red light therapy treatments.  

Our Goal at Reconstructed Wellness

Our team is passionate about supporting you in your journey to reconstruct your health. Our goal is to make therapies such as medical grade light therapy accessible to our community. Please contact our office if you’d like to partner with us.

Jason Wells